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Commit to do the work to “Live in Unity”. Our communities and nation have been balancing the effects of a national pandemic and racial upheaval since the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. The resounding question from Americans has been, what can I do to help make change? Our answer to you is in the development of Together We Can, a program that will offer a safe place for you to go on a personal journey to make personal and societal change from the inside out.

We are doing this work to help educate, enable and empower you to have a lifestyle of mindfulness and action against racism.

Our commitment is to bring a positive, non-judgmental approach to you and your community. It is your work, your way! Let us help you on the journey!

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Join The Movement

Together We Can provides new tools to better understand one another. Structured, and safe conversations, will allow you to hear personal experiences from others who do not look like you. Self-education exercises and historical reviews of our country’s history will provide new perspectives. Americans of all colors are making the bold commitment not only to improve how they see and interact with others, but also to make lasting changes in their communities.

Together We Can uniquely opens hearts and discussions.

What are the components of TWC?


Wear The Wristband

This black silicone wristband branded with Together We Can is a statement that you are not silent to racism, that you are part of the solution. Project Unity will provide the wristband for you to make a daily statement about where you stand.

Together We Dine

Attend at least one Together We Dine program, either in person or virtual (Zoom). Together We Dine is our signature program. Thousands have participated in this one hour program that facilitates safe conversations about race. Learn more on our Together We Dine webpage.

Monthly Action

Project Unity will email you monthly action items that can be completed in less than an hour. These exercises are designed to empower a lifestyle of mindfulness and action against racism. Each month’s task will be unique and will focus on self-education (blind spots, implicit bias, etc.), our nation’s history with race and racism, or a positive step to combat racism in our society.

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